Tuesday, November 6, 2007


The Party Master with Dr. McTasty

My site mate’s name is David Barshes. He’s from Chicago, he’s been living here for a year, and he’s a CBD (Community Business Development) volunteer. He works with a few local NGOs and businesses, he has a lot of Armenian friends, and he loves Halloween.

Hasmik, Eloise, Armen

The party was a bilingual blast complete with bat-shaped cookies, m&ms, and pumpkin carving. The result of failed icing was a gooey, vaguely chocolate-flavored cookie dip. Eloise, a volunteer from the nearby city of Sevan, came as a “sweet dream”, in black and decked out with candy necklaces.

Johanna and Eloise

Armenians don’t usually celebrate Halloween, but some of them dressed up -- we had Al Capone, dark robes, and masks, though most of the guys forsook dancing and drank vodka shots all evening...
McTasty, Satan (Mikael), Armen, Vartan

There was much toasting and dancing, Armenian and otherwise. An exciting discovery was made: it turns out that Armenians, too, gotta have the funk.

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