Wednesday, January 7, 2015

North Carolina to Chicago, singing with our angelic driver

Our driver is taking her last trip in this car.  The car will stay with her sister in Chicago, and she will begin a life by foot and bike in Durham.

Through the great Smoky Mountains, late October, gold and red and orange in full color, and across and out into Tennessee, with a few hills, the land all tan and gold, and occasional trees...up to the big flats, with only a tree line here or there in Indiana...up into Chicago, the great tight batman city, buildings tall and sharp and black clustered by the water, runners moving across eight lanes, an inland sea of tropical blue-green...the next day, the park -- handstands under gorgeous citrus-colored sugar maples -- the mass of people in the park crowded under a huge mirror, bent somehow into a giant reflective kidney bean.

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