Saturday, July 12, 2008

Beard Chicken

An important event in Peace Corps Armenia now deserves to be brought to light. That event is Beard Chicken.

Start Date: February 3, 2008

The Rules: No trimming whatsoever (except for the mustache)

The Competitors:

Kevin Gage, "The Pastor"

Jeremy Lovelady, "The James A. Garfield"

Jason Rhoades, "New Orleans Pizza Bicycle Delivery"

Jason Chandler, "The Man of Twists and Turns"

You may be asking yourself a question, and the answer is yes, the ladies love Beard Chicken. See below.

Beard Chicken can and will take you to amazing places.

Above Lake Sevan

Ancient, ancient bridge


Other vols love beards.

It's catching on...

Proof: Beard Chicken is fun for the whole family, a guaranteed good time.

The next generation is already in training
Future Beard Chicken Contestant: Narek Matinyan, age 5.

But most important: wearing a Massive Beard gets you in with the locals, big time.


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