Saturday, July 12, 2008

Green Camp Photos

Now it's time for a day by day tour of a Green Camp. First the kids arrive, we divide them into groups and they get acquainted. This first photo is from Urtsadzor, one of the small groups with their counselors Gnel and Brett on the first day of camp.

Once we get the groups together we line them up in orderly fashion, do a little introduction, go over camp rules, and move straight on to the camp song, entitled "Boom Chick-a Boom".

It's a call and response song, and we sing to open and close camp every day. I lead a number of different forms, jumping around and singing, such as "Rock Star", "Monkey", "Alpinist", or the above: "Frog".

We then split up into groups and do small group games with their groups of ten or large group games with the whole camp together. Each game has an environmental lesson built in, and the kids are encouraged to discuss in the group what they've learned, and also write it in their journals which they keep after the camp. The game pictured below is "Pyramid of Life". Kids on the first level are plants, second level herbivores, top level predators.

The picture below is from the Lejan Camp, a big game of "Trees Loggers and Mudslides" which I explained in the previous post.

At the end of the week, each small group performs a skit or a song as a final presentation for the community to show what they've learned. The kids below did a skit with two trash monsters who savaged the unassuming environmental protectors until enough gathered to drive them away from the river!
And that's a camp in a nutshell. Below is the whole camp photo from the Martuni camp.

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